The History of Brandywine Farm


Brandywine Farm was created in May of 1982 and quickly became a Rolla staple. Dave and Mary Hinze proudly ran the farm for years until their retirement in 2011

In 2011, there was a chance that for the first time in over 25 years the farm would close. That’s where our family, the Marti family, comes in. As loyal customers for quite some time, we knew that we needed to save the farm and keep Brandywine’s great local tradition going on uninterrupted.

So that’s how a local doctor (Doc) and his wife of over 50 years (Nan) decided to take over a blueberry farm. We knew nothing about blueberry farming, and we only had 2 months to figure out how to be ready for the opening day of berry picking.

Fortunately, we were able to get some great tips on preparation; but the farm was still a task much bigger than we could handle on our own. That’s where the help of the rest of our loving family comes in; our daughter-in-law Paula, daughter Deb, son John, grandkids, and great-grandkids would go on to make Rolla’s best blueberry crew. They chipped in to help mowing, raking, painting, cleaning, sprucing, and sweating in the Missouri heat. With their help, we were able to open on the first week of June with a great harvest of sweet blueberries.

The Marti family is now four years into running the farm, and we are preparing for our fifth picking. We plan on expanding a bit in the future and we have already made several improvements over the last couple of years, such as our brand new irrigation system that helps us to fight off the unpredictable Missouri weather. Nan and Paula have also taken classes at a college in Springfield to better understand soil management, pH levels, and other things that continue to make Brandywine Farm blueberries the very best berries grown in the world.

If you aren’t sure about that, make a trip to the Ozarks and find out for yourself. The good doc will be waiting to show you how to eat more berries than you put in your bucket.