Brandywine Biographies


Our family atmosphere is what truly makes Brandywine Farm a special place.

Though we originally started off as just Doc and Nan, our farm has expanded to fit each and every bit of the family. Together, we make sure that each and every day at Brandywine Farm is filled with lots of love and sweet blueberries as far as you can see. Here are just some of those who have made Brandywine Farms possible

doc.nan bio

The Good Doc

Doc Marti, pictured here, is smiling because he only comes out to eat the blueberries! He greets each of our customers with that same smile and a bucket in hand when they pull into our farm.

The Matriarch

Though our family knows her as Mom or Nan, she does occasionally answer to Pat. Nan is the engine that keeps the farm running. With a walkie-talkie on her hip, she gives orders and makes sure to keep us all on task.

The Family

Without the rest of the Marti family, the farm wouldn’t be what it is today. Our grandkids and great-grandkids along with daughter-in-law Paula, marathon-runner daughter Deb and fireman son John make up a team that keeps our blueberry farm full of love year after year.

doc.nan bio